A Secure AWS Cloud File Management Platform

FileXM is a File Management Platform that allows AWS customers to conveniently:

  • Transfer files between different storage types either from on-prem or from within the AWS Storage types that include S3, Glacier, EBS, EFS and FSx without any knowledge of data/content.
  • Maintain an auditable trail of all MACDs on files
  • Manage lifecycle of files between S3 and Glacier to archive and restore by easily specifying retention period, RPO, and RTO.


AWS users access FileXM through a Customized and Secure File Management Console

  • A centralized place to manage file transfers and file lifecycle management, irrespective of the storage media or service
  • Conventional MS Window Explorer style interface
    Point and click, drag-drop interface
  • Implements IAM based authentication, IAW Amazon Well Architected Framework
  • Ensures that files are encrypted — in motion and at rest


A FileXM customer:

  • Will subscribe from AWS Marketplace to install the AWS AMI that runs as a Virtual Appliance on a EC2 RHEL instance.
  • Is responsible for all AWS costs including EC2 instances
  • Is responsible for operation and security of their own AWS environment


FileXM value proposition is that AWS users can rapidly deploy and focus on using their AWS services without having to worry about:

  • The complexity and idiosyncrasies of the different storage types and files transfers
  • Maintaining integrity of files while being transferred
  • Maintaining audit trails of file MACDs
  • The need to learn or program in CLI, JSON for file transfers
  • Currently the only methods to transfer data files between AWS S3 and EBS or EFS/FSx is to use AWS CLI and JSON to develop custom one-off solutions or use multiple tools.
  • FileXM is the only point-and-click product that provides these capabilities.
  • There are some products available with partial capabilities


Optional Professional Services upon customer request and IAW AWS Solution Provider Private Offer (SPPO), we will provide

  • Customized solutions for migrating data for •Transactional systems
    • Line of business applications
    • Non-relational mobile apps data
    • IoT devices
    • Social media
  • Mass data migration by methods such as AWS Snowball, AWS DirectConnect
  • Set up and migration of continuous data streams from on-prem storage, e.g., SAN and files servers
  • Set up, integration and adoption of data warehousing and data analytical services and tools